[Release 2012/06][18禁ゲーム] [120629] [EX-ONE] フツウノファンタジー 初回版

Romaji: Futsuno Fantasy
Title: フツウノファンタジー 初回版
Developer: EX-ONE (このブランドの作品一覧)
Release date: 2012/06/29
Genre: ADV
Category: ファンタジー,戦うヒロイン,冒険,Knight Heroine , Book Heroine , ADV , Fighting Heroine , Priestess Heroine , Male Protagonist , Side images , Messiah Heroine , Comedy , Destiny , Parody , Maou Protagonist , Fantasy
File size: 2 GB + 3% – 5% Recovery Record

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“The demon king who brought darkness and chaos to the world will be defeated by the hero who is chosen by the goddess.” That’s what the legendary grimoire Libra told the maou Jade. Not wanting to meet his demise so soon, he seeked out the chosen hero, Hisui, and her party and joined them under a false name, Jay. But with Libra’s omens always being correct, is it possible for him to change his fate?



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