[New H-Game][110624][CandySoft] もっと 姉、ちゃんとしようよっ! アフターストーリー 初回版 [3.5G]

Release Date: 2011/06/24
File Size: 3.5GB
Gerne: 新・姉属性イチャイチャ恋愛ADV
Categories: アドベンチャー、ファンディスク、姉
3% – 5% Recovery Record


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  1. This guide is how to play this game. This game does not like others. It requires a FULL Japanese System. If someone owns a JPese PC, that’s very good. If not, you should set up a Virtual PC. Follow this link http://www.henarchive.me/?page_id=29110 , you’ll see the instruction how to use Virtual PC.
    These following screenshots is about playing this game inside a Virtual PC.
    1. Mount the Game image:
    2. Install DirectX:
    3. Select location to install the game and few options:
    4. Progress…
    http://t4.pixhost.org/show/862/11419523_c4.jpg http://t4.pixhost.org/show/862/11419524_c5.jpg http://t4.pixhost.org/show/862/11419527_c6.jpg
    …and COMPLETE!
    5. If your PC does not have enough resource required by the game, you can NOT start directly by double click EXE file. You need to do this step:
    – Open “lite” folder inside the Game Disk(mounted before).
    – Copy “mottoaneasl.exe” to Game Installation Directory (Usually C:\Program Files\MOTTOANEAS).
    – Double click “mottoaneasl.exe” and you can play it normally
    Here are some screenshots taken by me while i tried to play this game :D
    http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3470/11419554_c9.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3470/11419557_c10.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3470/11419561_c11.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3470/11419565_c12.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3470/11419570_c13.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3470/11419574_c14.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3470/11419579_c15.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3470/11419580_c16.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3470/11419583_c17.jpg
    Have fun :D:D:D

  2. Reuploaded! Recheck pls!:)

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